I promise to be better at doing things here in 2017, but in the meantime to show I haven’t forgotten the tradition…

(To the tune of Happy Xmas by John Lennon)


So this is Christmas.
And what have we done?
Another day over.
A new one just begun.

And so this is Christmas.
You’d best check your gun,
Your knife and your backpack.
’cause you’ll soon need to run.

A very scary Christmas.
And a crappy new year.
Just hope we live through it,
And work through the fear.

And so this is Christmas (war’s still going),
For weak and for strong (we don’t want it),
For the sick and the sure ones (war’s still going),
The world has gone wrong (now),
And so crappy Christmas (war’s still going)
From bad on to worse (we don’t want it)
From the day to the dusk now (war’s still going)
We swear and we curse (now)

A very scary Christmas,
And a crappy new year
Let’s hope we get through it,
And smile through the fear.

So this is Christmas.
That’s a thing we once said.
Another year living,
And another year dead.
And so crappy Christmas (War’s still going)
You’d best check your gun (we don’t want it)
Your knife and your backpack (War’s still going)
’cause you’ll soon need to run (now)

“A very merry Christmas
And a happy new year”.
We used to believe that.
’cause we’d never known fear.

War’s still going. We don’t want it.
The war’s still going.