Some of the integration between our external tools and the MUDs has been done.  There are still some current issues (relating to dates of posts and such) but they’ll be resolved before too long.

The blog can be accessed through the ‘blog’ command as before – you have access to this wherever you are since it’s fundamentally OOC information.  The syntax of it may have changed a bit and there will be some inconsistencies as it gets jigged around, but it’s there.

Bulletin boards have the web front-end as before, but they are now also accessible via the ‘boards’ command if you have access to a computer.  You can’t post to the boards from within the MUD (yet), but you can browse through the existing messages.  You’ll also get regular informs when new messages are posted.

Dates and times on the post aren’t yet being parsed properly, so please don’t report that – we already know.  Otherwise, get a feel for how they work.