Just a short post today to point you towards the computer games journal which just published its third issue. This is a great journal that manages to bridge the gap between academic theory and industrial practise, and is read by people involved in both. I’m bringing it up mainly because  I have a paper in there, on the subject of the continuing relevance of text as a gaming medium. Since you all, presumably, are likewise interested in that I thought you might like to have a read of it.

The paper is called ‘Likely to be Eaten by a Grue: the relevance of text games in the modern era‘, and you can find it here. It covers MUDs, interactive fiction and the new breed of vignette style games such as Echo Bazaar. It is full of thrills, spills, and car chases[1]. There is not one, not two, but three instances of full frontal nudity[1]. Our first fifty readers will receive a car[1].

Just thought you might be interested. Spread the word that you play text games. Text games are cool.


[1] Not true