Exciting news!  Eek has joined the Admin domain as Epitaph’s newest[1] High Lord!  In my mind, he’s always been a member of admin anyway but this makes it formal.   He’s also assumed the role of Lord of Cemetery.  He is our KING OF BONES.

For those wondering what these things actually mean – High Lords on Epitaph are basically the highest court in the land.   They work across the MUD, the driver and the shell as needed, and have contributed huge amounts of content and architecture to the game.  Eek for example is responsible for almost all of our multi-server architecture and external authentications.   He’s built a whole family of incredibly neat tools that we use to co-ordinate between WordPress, PhpBB, Mediawiki and between our development and live shards.

Lord of the Cemetery domain means that Eek has responsibility over – well, whatever he wants, as befits a high lord.  But you can think of Cemetery as our combination ‘honourary creator/ambassador’ domain.   The creators within the domain are people who we feel are useful or beneficial (or simply funny) to have around.  Under Eek though you can also think of it as handling the bones of our multi-mud architecture.  It’s the skeleton off of which so much of our modernisation efforts have been built.

I’m excited Eek has agreed to join us as a High Lord, and I hope he is not as cruel, wrathful and vengeful as he has been in every other aspect of his life!


[1] And second