As some of you may know, in real life I’m Batm… wait, hang on.

As some of you may know, in real life I’m a research into accessibility and games.  I’ve written a few papers on those subjects, and in a desperate attempt to actually justify the effort that went into Epitaph I’d like to start doing some actual proper no foolin’ research using the lib.

I have a couple of papers in production already, but one I would really like to write is about making interactive text accessible.  It’s even now an important area (text games genuinely are still popular) but one neglected as anyone who needs accessibility support will undoubtedly know.  Text can be supremely accessible, but often it’s not out of carelessness.

Part of the paper will be a discussion of accessibility features implemented in Epitaph, and reports that have been submitted about future features.  What I would also like though is for some proper interviewing of those of you who may use screen-readers or have some form of accessibility requirements for playing games.  It’ll be partially about how you’re finding Epitaph, how you’ve found other games, what you’d like improved, and so on.

It won’t be me who conducts the interview (to make sure you can be honest with your feedback – honesty is hugely important here), but if you’d be willing to be interviewed about it (or know people who aren’t playing who could give their view on game accessibility generally (text games especially) you could pass this on to), would you mind sending off an email to volunteering?

I don’t have a firm date in mind for when this will happen, but soon(ish) and mostly on the MUD or via email.   All I’m doing now is getting an idea of how many people might be available to share their views.