Patch 1.0.4 is about to be applied.  You can see the patch notes in the usual ways.  The biggest change is the adoption of NEW MONEY, which we will almost certainly have some teething issues with.

But, it’ll be a lot simpler and easier for everyone to work with when you’re used to it.  Instead of ‘give 5 five-pound notes to drakkos’, you’ll just use ‘give $25 to drakkos’.  No change, no complex money mechanics, nuthin’.   Please report any issues you find with it.  If we don’t need to do a rapid followup patch, the next one will likely be next monday![1]


[1] In an ideal world, these 1.0.x patches will be a weekly affair, but since we’re still in the post-release mop-up, they’re a bit more rapid at the moment.