This a quick post about some of the new areas we’re working on, along with the new area that will be arriving with the next patch[1] (Drakkos has more details in his blog post about when this will happen).

The first of our area expansions is a project known as Hillman’s County[2], which will arrive as Episodic content. It will come with three expansions, each one consisting of a town of varying size. Each town will be released over several patches with an overarching storyline that can be followed from beginning to end. This is a medium sized and long term project I’ll be working on for Epitaph, and I hope to deliver this content in a timely matter (but don’t hold me to this). The first episode will arrive in the next patch, and the town will be ‘Silent Hollow.’ It’s mostly an introductory town for Hillman’s County with several quests and Epitaphy atmosphere. You’ll be meeting some of the colourful citizens of the town. Silent Hollow will be located in the exploration system.

The Episodes will be released as follows:

Episode 1 (Upcoming Patch):  Silent Hollow – A small rural town high up in the Scottish mountains.

Episode 2: Hillman’s Glen – A medium-sized town southeast of Silent Hollow. It contains a Movie Theatre, a historic tavern, police station, petrol station, restaurant, a Narrative[3] and more. It is surrounding a Loch.

Episode 3: Shanty Creek[4] – Located north of Hillman’s Glen. Information to come.

I hope to release these three areas over the coming months, but there will of course be other area expansions along the way. I like the concept of episodic content and this is one of the reasons why Hillman’s County will be released as such. It builds suspense, but it also allows each area to be self-contained since they are individual areas.

But outside of this we’ll also be seeing an expansion to Bracken Mohr Bog (which is an explorable area in-game right now) which will be completely revamped and fitted with the town of Fort Bracken. Fort Bracken is an independent research town lead by Dr. Elgin Kaufman, a Necrobiologist who is attempting to make a cure to the undead plague.  The town itself has been built above the bog on wooden pillars and with swing bridges connected between the scrap-metal buildings. It was originally founded by drug makers but had been abandoned for several years before being taken up by a group of survivors and researchers. There are also a few unannounced projects in the works, but we won’t be releasing details just yet.

And if this wasn’t enough, we’ll also be seeing brand new areas for the current major factions. Phew.

All in all, our dungarees are useless because we’re up to our necks in projects and new areas for the game.

[2] Or Hillman’s Regional Council Area, as defined by the Scottish government.
[4] The nastier of the three. There are very few survivors here, if any at all.