Patch Update

By drakkos

Okay, two hours in[1] and we have a new driver and a newly patched live MUD.  Things may not have gone incredibly smoothly, but they’re smoothing out!  Current estimate on open remains 5pm. Drakkos [1] And after a HI-LARIOUS incident in which someone patched *in the wrong direction*, turning Epitaph 1.0.0 [development] into Epitaph 0.5.2…


By drakkos

That’s it everyone, we’re patching! The game has now been locked down to players until we’re ready to open, which is currently scheduled for 5pm (five hours time). Looking forward to seeing you then! Drakkos.

Release Schedule

By drakkos

Hi all I just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s going to be happening on Friday.   RELEASE DATE, that’s what’s happening!  But, more than that. At 12pm GMT, Epitaph will reboot – when it comes back, it’ll be creator only.  Whilst the patching system has been tested, it hasn’t been tested…

The Epitaph Report Card

By drakkos

Just a few more days people and we are officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Epitaph 1.0 gets pushed over to on Friday. From that point on we need to treat that server as our actual going concern rather than just ‘that place where players occasionally log on and find broken stuff’. It’s been a long…

On Dungeons, Instances and Narratives.

By Hugo

One of the biggest affairs with text-based games, at least for me, is the ability to weave a story into game mechanics. Well surely this is something that can be done in any gaming medium, but in text it can be done with a great deal more influence. In some ways, we are really in…

The Future of (MUD) Law Enforcement

By drakkos

A week to open day! I’m very excited, and if you’re excited too you should express your excitement on our pre-open poll, which you can find at If you’ve got an epitaph online account, you can log in and vote. If you don’t, well – go get one. You can say you knew us…


By drakkos

Exciting news!  Eek has joined the Admin domain as Epitaph’s newest[1] High Lord!  In my mind, he’s always been a member of admin anyway but this makes it formal.   He’s also assumed the role of Lord of Cemetery.  He is our KING OF BONES. For those wondering what these things actually mean – High…

The Fabulous MR PASSWORD

By drakkos

I have enabled the Fabulous MR PASSWORD on Epitaph Live. This means that those of you who have created accounts since the Breaking of the Fellowship[1] will now be able to log into the player wiki[2], the Epitaph boards[3] and the Epitaph blog[4] using your normal MUD username and password. Let’s get chatting! Drakkos. [1]…

The Disunited Nations

By drakkos

So, the TMC drama seems to have fizzled out and reached its anti climatic conclusion, at least until the next escalation. For those who haven’t been following it, here’s a short summary: Icculus puts up a Jesus-y banner on his site. Someone queries its appropriateness. Discussion descends into the same bitter Internet religious battle you…